Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Earning money to go Christmas shopping for each other.

We decided it was time to get the tree up so over the bridge we traveled. No snow, no sled, no coats, no hats but we found trees. Lowes was the spot this season and it didn't disappoint. I still took photos as if we were in the middle of the forest cutting down our own tree. The boys didn't question, they are used to the camera and the phrase, "Let's get photos for Daddy!." No arguments. EVER!

The perfect tree.

Missin you Daddy!

The boys LOVED watching every move by the tree guy.
It is pretty cool to see.

Our neighbor, Hugh, came and pick up the tree with his sweet pick up truck! Thank you Hugh!

We then went over to Bass Pro Shop for some craft time.

Checked out the Destin Commnon Tree before dinner.

And FINALLY got home to get started on the tree.
Obviously, the tree did not get decorated that night. I did tell them that I would get the lights on while they were at school the next day so decorating would be on right after our bike ride! The bike ride was awesome. The lights were not so awesome. Even after checking them all before putting them on, an entire strand died after we started putting on ornaments. Talk about annoying. I found another one and worked it in without too much trauma to the two perfect circle areas which the ornaments were hung. It took some convincing that the rest of the tree needed ornaments too.
More bike riding...these boys are awesome on there bikes!

Taking a decorating break for some hot cocoa and cinnamon toast.

A Christmas Hurricane hit this house!
The next day, more decorating!
As for the chores and earning money for presents, the boys did great! They have been helping around the house and not complaining one bit. I think they both realized that this was for a very good cause. The challenge came when we had to go shopping. It's hard to shop secretly with two boys for each other. We worked out a plan and we had success! We made many smiles in the Target toy isle as I helped each one pick out the perfect gift for each other. We had to do some good cart hidding and emphasize the importantance of keeping it a surprise. Axel was thrilled until we walked to the car and he learned that we would not be getting or giving our gifts until Christmas. I"m pretty sure we discussed that numerous time on the way in. :) Either way, he was MAD! I distracted with telling him about wrapping and quickly driving to the nearest play park! Phew!

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I spy one cutie owl from a few Christmases ago!

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