Sunday, December 16, 2012

Special Events

One special event was a Deployed Spouse Party!
Gorgeous Tree!
I received an email that the Kelly Plantation Water Place in Destin, FL was hosting a Christmas Party for deployed spouses. With encouragement and babysitting from my wonderful neighbors, I accepted the invitation. What a treat! It was a wonderful evening spent with other women who also have deployed husbands. The hosts were residents of the condos and they really put on a beautiful gathering. Wonderful food, beautiful music, great company and just a very special event.
When we arrived, we walked down these beautiful stairs as the room stood up and clapped welcoming us in.

Lot of tasty food!

Gift bags too.

We were the pants ladies...we were told "casual" dress and took it read. However, 95% of the other women dressed up in their finest dresses. We were a little sad not to have our dresses but we fit in perfectly with the hosts. :)

All the ladies of the hour!

Our lovely hosts!
Another very special event took place wit Lucas' class. We walk with his class to an assisted living facility near the school. His teacher, Mrs. Chlebowski, had organized a music and craft gathering for the elderly. Axel was invited and wad delighted! Lucas is a WONDERFUL big brother and took care of him along the way.
Love these boys!


Already to sing some Christmas songs.

This nativity scene caught my eye. I'm pretty sure whe had the same set growing up that we would carefully unwrap and set up year after year. I brought a little loving tear to my eye when it instantly reminded me of my mother. It's those little things that will stop you...that will remind you of loved ones since gone.

One of Lucas' fellow classmate come from a musical family and they were there to help lead the group.

We had a wonderful audience.

They were all so good, so patient and so kind.

See, she comes from a musical family!

After the singing, each student picked out someone in the audience to do crafts with/for. It was adorable. I was a helper so there was no time for photos at that point.
It was a wondeful experience for all involved. Lucas' teacher is remarkable and so loving. Her compassion for her students and people makes you reflect on your own life and the interaction you have with those around you. Thank you Mrs. Chlebowski!

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