Saturday, December 29, 2012

3 Year Old Christmas Party

 The next day, I headed to Axel's school for his party. I was a group leader so I got to see all the stations. It turned out great despite horrible tornado weather. We were lucky that none touched down by us but people in Mobil, AL weren't so fortunate. Scary times. We did our best to ignore the crazy weather and proceed with the party. I'm glad we did, it was adorable to see all the happy 3 year olds bouncing around. Axel's 4 teachers are busy but great at what they do!

Snack time!

Even Santa showed up to this rockin' party.

Christmas Bingo.

Freeze Dance...Axel was awesome and didn't miss a beat or a freeze.

Making Reindeer Food.

Stuffing clear ball ornaments which turned out super cute.

Parker & Axel.
Axel could hardly wait to see Santa. However, he really didn't know what to say when the big moment arrived.

Santa even gave out a gift.

Three awesome books! Axel was delighted!


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