Friday, March 1, 2013

"M" Day!

March 1st has arrived!!!
I think we are all in shock that March is finally here. Daddy is scheduled to come home in just over a month so we definitely enjoyed celebrating today.

Today was also a special day because Lucas was the "Mad Scientist of the Week"in his classroom. One week ago, his name was drawn and he started to prepare for his big presentation. He tested out numerous science experiments and settled on making 3-D Puffy Sand Paint. We had a blast mixing concoctions and testing out recipes. His favorite ended up being a homemade variation using chocolate. It smelled delicious and was really fun to work with.

Lucas was in the spot light and taught his classmates everything he learned about his puffy paint . I helped him set up but then he was on his own and he did a wonderful job. He's very comfortable speaking in front of people and very meticulous in his measurements...a true scientist.

Axel was thrilled to be invited and fell in love with all the girls (15) in Lucas' class. :)

Getting started, lab coat and all.

Measuring out flour, salt, sand, chocolate and water.

He has an awesome class...awesome teachers!

Mixing away. You can see Axel over on the left side with the big kids.

Explaining all the tests he did using 3 different recipes on 5 different types of paper.

He was very serious and very confident. Adorable!

March 1st Celebration!
We opted to stay home this March 1st. We did a little climbing were content to have dinner at home. I told the boys we could go our for breakfast or lunch or dinner later this weekend if they wanted to stay in tonight. They were sold. After dinner, I had two excited boys wondering what Daddy had planned for them.
I have to torture them with photos first..

Then, I give up when I get these types of smiles.

Daddy did AWESOME!

Lucas scored a Magic Science Kit. Axel got an excavation jewel kit and some exciting color changing paper.

They were both thrilled but very interested in what the shared gift was.

More Legos! I know, like we need more Legos but we found a screaming deal and these encourage using your own imagination. A note from Daddy challenged them to create masterpieces from their mind and share them with Daddy on skype. They both liked the idea but Axel was extra relieved to find an idea book in the bottom of the box.
There's the photo I was looking for! :)

Lucas got right to work on building his Magic Wand.
Axel dove into the Legos taking a break from his Star Wars kit.

By the end of the night, he was back at his big kit. Here he is checking everything out with his flash light to be sure it's working just right. The boys is good!

Magic Sorcerer Lucas! He has magic potions and even made water glow this evening! Watch out everyone!

2 pages away from completion. I was barely able to pull him away to bed but now the morning will be so exciting!
We love and miss you so much. We are so excited it's March and can't wait to see you. Enjoy your quiet room and alone time because there will be no such things back at home. Be ready to get attacked with love, hugs, kisses, projects, bike riding, climbing and of course, LEGOS!!

Big hugs and kisses.
Love, Janelle, Lucas &Axel

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