Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We anxiously awaited the arrival of Uncle Mark, Aunt Kate and Cousin Logan. They were coming to visit for a few days and we were so excited. Luckily, our neighbor kept us distracted while we patiently waited. The boys and I need to get our plan together for this fun little garden. Thank you Hugh!

Hugh built us a raised garden that the boys and I will plant in a few weeks. We love your neighbors!
KM&L's arrival was delayed but not canceled. We had our doubts because of the crazy rain all day long. The boys were so happy to wake up and find them in our house. It rained all morning so we played and played around here in the morning. We did manage to squeeze in a visit to the Armament Museum and a quick trip to the beach during a little break in the weather. It was the perfect outing that ended with some tasty fish tacos.

The rain came back but that did not stop all the fun inside. Trains, Legos, movies and super heroes made for an action packed evening!

Cousin Logan arrived! He just turned two and sure was fun to have around.
Axel and Logan became instant friends.

Axel loves friends and having a cousin to run around with was even better than Legos!
Logan was thrilled. This was a fun game...
And they did it over and over and over again.

There was even a visit from Super Logan and Super Axel!

They were REALLY fast!

Really tough!

And really adorable!
Lucas opted to hang out with the adults and watch a movie.
Our super heroes discussing their next plan.
 The next day, the rain subsided a little so we headed to Baytowne Wharf to check out the tree houses and awesome playground. We headed back to the beach and although chilly, it was beautiful water and enough sand to keep Logan happy.
MaryAnne the parrot who lives at Baytowne Wharf down by the docks.

Back to the tree houses.

With all the rain, it was extra swampy and check out all that Spanish Moss. We were just thankful the bugs weren't out!

We had to take Logan to the park.

Uncle Mark found some fun climbs for Lucas.

And Axel too, of course!
It wouldn't be a trip to Florida without going to the beach.
Frisbee time.

Uncle Mark wondering  how he was talked into this beach thing?!? He's a mountain boy like his brother. :) Way to hang in there Mark!

The water was cool but still fun.

Full of surprises too...those waves can get you in a hurry.

Logan loved the sand.
Only a few more weeks until these beaches will be jammed packed with spring breakers.
We were just so happy to get a break from all the rain.

Axel patiently taught Logan the do's and don'ts of Legos.
   Unfortunately, our visitors had to leave sooner than we wanted but we sure are glad they made the trek out. It was so fun to see them and Logan is getting so big.  We sure miss living closer.  Thank you so much for coming to visit us! We love you guys!

It ended up raining all night again and this was our backyard after the three day down pour. I was so happy it stayed out back and not in the house. We are ready for some sun!
Our flooded back yard.

Swimming anyone?!
 Lucas is the "Mad Scientist" of the week at school so we've been testing out some fun experiments. More to come on that!
Lucas made 3-D puff paint and here he is doing some experimenting.

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