Sunday, February 10, 2013

Party Time!!!

I started preparing for the party a few weeks ago knowing that it would be harder doing everything myself this time. My lack of procrastination paid off and it made the planning and party so much more fun. I love doing things like this, it makes my heart smile!
Here are a few things I did to get ready...

Lego sugar cookie Thank You bags.

Filled a tiny jar with 120 Legos for guessing.

Filled 20 treasure boxes complete with fake mustaches. :)

I love these little boxes...Dollar Tree did not disappoint!

Carefully hid the treasure under this colorful paper. We were ready!
Axel's party was a success!
The weather scared us a little but the rain held off and the park stayed opened. It was very windy but that didn't stop 19 kids from having a wonderful time.
Yes, 19!
How does this happen you may ask?!
When you invite his entire preschool class and 90% show up. Axel was elated! It was so fun to have such a wonderful turn out and made all the hard work totally worth it!
We had a few things planned like a treasure hunt and some silly games. However, all that went out the window with the wind and shear numbers of kids all in and around age 4. We did manage to have cake (ice cream cone cupcakes) which turned out to be absolutely perfect. They required no plates or silverware or napkins...ok, napkins might have been needed but they would have blowing away anyways. After cake, we had a few quick rounds of hokey-pokey and Simon Says. Each friend went home with a fun bag of loot that included sidewalk chalk, activity sheet, bubbles, sticker mustaches, punch balloons, Lego shaped sugar cookie and a cool treasure box to decorate on their own. We even had a "guess how many Lego's in the jar" game but the wind made that one tricky. Dominic was our closest guess with 91 when the actual number was 120. It became a fun game for the parents too.
Anyways, I'm exhausted. We had the most wonderful weekend minus the fact that Daddy couldn't physically be here. He did get to join in on some present unwrapping and family cake time via Skype. I have photos that I will add to the previous post tomorrow. For now, this tired Mama is headed to bed!
Happy Birthday my big, big 4 year old! Mommy & Daddy & Lucas are so, so, so proud of you!
After the party, as we walked to the car, Axel declared, "Mommy I'm really 4 now!" The party sealed the deal and this boy is 4 years old!!!!!  
Notice the light blue balloons...they are supposed to be floating straight up not sideways!
Mr.Hugh and Mrs. Heather were life savers! Thanks for the extra help!

Friends, Will & Dom arriving.

Axel jumped right in.

Heather, Lucas & Hugh just hanging out.

Weight limit?

We found a little fence to help protect from the hurricane winds. No fire on the candles but that didn't stop this crowd.

I love these ice cream cone cupcakes, they are so easy and very tasty.

Giving the old lighter a try...there was no way it was going to happen.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our big boy!

They were gobbled up quickly.

Ava was digging her cupcake along with all the big kids.
Mingling with his buds!
Here is the entire crew minus Ava & Lucas. He got a bloody nose seconds before this was taken. Sorry Lucas!

Goodies for all and Lucas was back!


As the party came to an end, these three played and played. Grayson, Axel & Fin are best buddies and boy do they have a wonderful time together.

I told them that they should wait until they get home to open their wrapped treasure box. They listened and then proceeded to come up with about five games on their own which involved these 3 wooden boxes. Slide runs, tossing them off various play ground equipment, distance throws and a few others. It was adorable.

Axel busting through the boxes. They all took turns so nicely and you could see that they really do love each other.

Axel, Fin & Grayson

Axel, Fin & Grayson with their newly found toys!
 We enjoyed "linner" (lunch-dinner as Lucas called it) at our neighbors. Then it was present opening time. We decided that the park was not the best place to open a boat load of presents. Axel was not super excited about my decision but it would have been a nightmare with the wind. He settled for some sneak peeks into some of the gift bags and the agreed that we could do it after dinner.

More Legos!
We had a lesson in reading the card first and then tearing into the gifts. Mommy did her best to document who gave what.

So, I think we are good on Legos...FOREVER! :)

Lucas loves to floss!

We had some awesome homemade gifts too!

What a day! What a weekend! Happy Birthday Axel!!!

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