Monday, February 25, 2013


Axel has found his new passion...LEGOS!

This boy is addicted and I'm completely blown away by his attention to detail, determination, patience, persistence and stamina for putting together Lego kits of all types, ages and sizes. It started back at Christmas when he took over all Lucas' Legos and built them all. For his birthday, all he wanted were Legos especially the "Creator" kits. These kits come with instructions to built three things. He likes to call them "transformer" Legos. Axel loves to build and loves to destroy so these are perfect.

Recently, we discovered that he also loves to build, destroy, build, destroy, build, destroy and so on for hours on end. He is very meticulous when it comes to taking them apart. He will not start a new project unless each and every piece has been completely broken down and separated. This includes the tires and wheels and numerous other pieces I had no idea you could separate. He is adamant!

We've recently purchased new drawers to help him keep things organized. A tray is mandatory and sometimes he'll sort all the colors before starting to build something new. It's so fun to watch. On top of that, he's quick. He'll build, take apart and build again 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day. The rest of us don't have the patience but Axel sure does.

He received numerous kit for his birthday but also dug up old ones that have not been built in years. He'll search for each separate piece which he has sorted all by color in his drawers. It's almost painful to watch and he will ask for help to find things here and there but not until he's searched himself. He will also not allow you to help him assemble any pieces, that's his job..."Mom, I'm the Legoman!" he tells me with his sweet smile!

One day after hours of working on various versions, I could tell he was getting tired. I suggested that he take a little break. His response, "I can't! I'm so tired of this but I just can't stop. I have to finish it. I'm just so tired. Oh, this is taking forever. I'm really tired of this." Axel, "Take a break, lets have a snack?" "But I have to finish. Okay, I'll eat but then I need to finish."  And that's exactly what he did!

Our series of rainy days has really encouraged even more building but don't worry. When the sun comes out, we are taking a break! :)
He completed this one and then seconds later, destroyed it.

Wasted no time to convert it.

He's go it figured out.

Another truck!
3 wheeler dug up from the past...

New storage which Mommy loves!

His gift from Lucas.

He built this a few weeks ago, dismantled it tonight and re built 2/3 of it before going to bed. Whatever he is currently working on goes to bed with him and lives on the night stand until morning.

Tonight he asked Daddy if he could bust into his Lego collection and get started on this guy! That's my boy, you go Axel!

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