Monday, February 4, 2013

Beautiful Day for the Beach

We had to take Grandpa on a tour of Destin and boy, did we luck out with weather. It was gorgeous!
Our first stop, Fat Daddy's Arcade. Mommy had a coupon for 40 tokens that we couldn't ignore. They lasted about 15 minutes with these two boys and after digging around for some more change and a few more dollars we made it to about 30 minutes. :) Then, we spent at least 20 minutes trying to decide on which prize to take home. Axel makes his decision almost immediately. Lucas (like his Mom) will go back and forth pacing in complete indecision. It's adorable at first. Then, annoying. Now I know what Daddy goes through every time Mommy is faced with a menu! :)
Axel picked out the king size pixie stix and a little blue fan while I encourage Lucas.
Lucas finally settled on a green fan and some galactic putty!
Here's Grandpa and the boys...he's hoping that someone will make a decision REAL soon!
 After the arcade, we were hungry. We had heard good things about Harbor Docks and the place was packed. So packed, our waitress was completely overwhelmed. It was LONG wait but we had some goodies from the arcade and were enjoying the view. The company and sunshine weren't too bad either.
Lucas & Grandpa soaking in the rays.

Axel playing with some of Lucas' putty.

Yep, I was that Mom on the phone! I usually blame my husband for why I'm on the phone these days like this but I think he might have been in bed. However, I'm sure whatever I was doing on my phone was 100% necessary to make the day just perfect!

Harbor view at Harbor Docks.

Looking East.
 Eventually, lunch came and it was tasty. The next stop was the beach! It was absolutely beautiful and after a few chilly days, the nice warm sun was delightful. We hadn't really planned on sticking around but it was so nice. After a week of cold weather, this was too good to pass up. We dove right in to the sand building but left the swimming to the fish. It was a blast and gave Grandpa a great idea of what beach days are like for us.

 Axel loved chasing the seagulls until they flew away. He would get so mad when he couldn't catch one and then so happy when they came back. Then, it would start all over again; happy, then mad, then happy, then mad...someone was getting tired. No photos, sorry!


 The next stop was Harborwalk. We frequently attend festivities down here and more often than not, there is live music and something fun to discover. We sent Grandpa down to look at the fancy boats while we looked for something warm to drink. The boys got their pants soaking wet at the beach and got really chilled. Even Grandpa can tell you that Florida cold is a different kind of cold. That humidity will chill you to the bone! I think Grandpa was warmer at 0 degrees in Denver than at 45 degrees in Florida. Luckily, the highs were in the 50's and 60's but by the late afternoon it got cold and wet pants were no help. Mommy should have been more prepared!

Hot chocolate was a must for these two.

The boys were troopers and had fun despite their wet pants. Destin has a lot to offer and we only hit a few of our favorite spots. I think we all got our fill for the day, we were tired out by the time we went home.

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