Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home Front Heroes!

On February 7, 2013 the boys were formally recognized at Eglin AFB during the Home Front Heroes Award Ceremony. This explains this special event:
The Home Front Hero award recognizes the support and service of our children, America's youngest heroes. The children were nominated by their parents for their contributions to their parents' successes in the military. The children's support made it possible for their parents to continue their service to our Great Nation and the United States Air Force. The medal honoring the children's service is a Blue Star. This medal signifies a light shining in the darkness and is a symbol of truth, spirit, and home.  - Airmen & Family Readiness Center
Here is what Daddy submitted and the reason for this special celebration!
While their father was deployed to Afghanistan from September 2012 through the present, Lucas and Axel Anderson have made numerous contributions to their family, and endured many sacrifices. Lucas and Axel have completed additional chores on a daily basis, they have created and mailed letters and cookies to deployed Airmen, and they have provided frequent hugs and kisses to their mother. With their father away, they have sacrificed opportunities to ride bikes, read books, and go on camping trips, among other activities. They have been loyal brothers to each other and have become close friends as a result. Through it all they have maintained a tremendous positive attitude beyond their years by willingly supporting their mother and each other. Their dutiful acceptance of these burdens and sacrifices has directly contributed to the success of their father’s deployment, and security of the United States. 
They were both very proud and excited to be awarded a special certificate and blue star medal. The both most definitely earned it too! We love you both so, so much!!!
Waiting patiently for their name to be called.
Gen Harris thanking all the young heroes receiving the award.

Showing off their hard earned medals.

Enjoying cupcakes after the ceremony.
Here are the certificates, program and one of the medals they received.
I hope to update this post with a photo of them receiving the award. I helped Axel get his so there were no opportunities for me to snap a quick photo. I know one was taken by the photographer so hopefully we can track it down.

Way to Go! You both are so awesome and have done a wonderful job helping Mommy & Daddy during this long deployment. We love you and are so proud of you!!!


Amy said...

What awesome yang men you have there! Very deserving and a big round of applause (and hugs) coming from California!

Susie said...

<3 Sheer awesomeness!

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