Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wrapping Up Grandpa's Visit

We sure had a fun time with Grandpa. We wrapped up the trip with a tour of the Armament Museum, the base and a stop at the local fish market. There was very little home time but we did catch a few moments for Legos, climbing and eating a little more seafood. :)

Mr. Legoman as he likes to be called.
Mommy squeezing in a little workout.

All I can say, thank goodness for this treadwall. It's been wonderful to have here in Florida!

This has been an everyday scene in our house since Christmas.

Just yesterday, we upgraded our Lego storage to eliminate the need for pizza boxes. :)
 Our friends, who own a boat, offered to take us on a boat ride over to Destin one afternoon. We couldn't have asked for better water. It was like glass for most of the ride. Everyone enjoyed the scenery and Baytowne Wharf is always a blast! THANK YOU FRIENDS!!
Amanda, Lucas & Axel hanging on for our boat ride to Destin.

Mommy, Axel & Grandpa enjoying the ever so smooth water.

Vivien & Amanda sharing a cup of warm tea...it was chilly again.


David the co-captain.

Lucas braving the cool air, was the only one who lasted up front. You can barely see the mid-bay bridge out on the horizon. Check out that water! We needed water skis!

This parrot was there to greet us as we came on shore at Baytowne Wharf.
Check out this tree house of all tree houses!

An instant hit!

Here is the smaller one in the same area. A perfect place to act out Magic Tree House adventures.

Fun at the park too!

We decided this was Darth Vader's Boat.

Here is our attempt to capture the dolphins we saw on the ^ way home. A little black triangle in the middle of the photo is our only proof. They surfaced a bunch but had a little baby with them so they stayed away from our boat.

The boat marina in our neighborhood.

Typical bay front properties in Bluewater.

We bundled up for a little bike riding at home.

And scooter riding! This was one of my most awesome Christmas presents!

Zoom, zoom!

This one's for you Daddy! We miss you tons!

This ones for you Grandma. We sure missed you!

Even Grandpa tested out his scooter skills.

Not too shabby there Pops! :)

Grandpa, we sure had a wonderful time with you and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for taking the time to come visit us and see our new home in Florida.  We love you bunches and bunches! Love, JMLA

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