Monday, February 4, 2013

Grandpa's BBQ

Lucas had a special request for Grandpa. He had talked about it for weeks leading up to his arrival. He wanted  Grandpa's his famous ribs! (so did the rest of us) We filled Grandpa up with seafood for a good three days so he was more than willing to fulfill this tasty request. If any of you have had these tasty ribs before, you know exactly why Lucas asked for them. They are delicious and always accompanied by his amazing hot wings. We were in for a treat and so were our neighbors. :) It's a good three hour process but worth every minute. Grandpa did not disappoint, THANK YOU!!!
Lucas & Axel cleaned up the patio to get ready.

The fire was started early for maximum enjoyment.

Lucas has always been our fire kid so he was super excited.

Mr. Earl was there too.

We all headed inside for a wonderful dinner that ended in Axel and Lucas telling jokes.

It was hilarious and everyone had a great time. One of the favorites: "Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? To get to the bottom!" hahaha

After dinner, we headed back out to the fire pit.

Hugh & Lucas making sure it was just perfect for s'mores.

It was more than perfect!

Grandpa's job was done so it was his turn to relax a little.
Deb & Earl enjoying some decaf coffee.

 My Dad and his FAVORITE daughter!

Me and my FAVORITE Dad! :)

Axel, Heather & Hugh getting cozy.

Heather is very loved around here. You too Hugh! :) 

Lucas was in his own little fire world happy as can be.

Heather caught a little bug so she wasn't feeling great. Axel gave her so extra love knowing she wasn't herself. Even Ava smiled for the photo. So sweet.

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