Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Parks with Grandpa

We love parks!
 Play parks, State Parks, National Parks and....AIRSTEAM PARKS! Leave it to Grandpa to sniff out the nearest Airstream Only Park just north of Pensacola. We promised him that we could go visit so we planned on giving him plenty time to chit-chat with the locals.  He wanted to get a good feel about Airstream life from people "living the dream." I'm not sure he's ready to live in one permanently but he did get some great feedback and advice...or so we think he did. We were too busy to pay attention completely. They had a hiking trail, huge river, shuffle board and good ol' stick in sand drawing game to keep us busy. We were content and so was Grandpa.
Henry & Grandpa checking out the river.

Axel found some acorns and sticks which were instantly turned into magic "po-shums" potion utensils.

Henry, Grandpa & Lucas headed out to see the Airstreams.

They were there!

Not a million but enough to make Grandpa's heart smile.
Over and
over! :)

The next day we took Grandpa to Rocky Bayou State Park to show him our favorite trails and play park.

Gotta check out the map first.

Lucas was blazing ahead but Grandpa kept him in his sights.

Axel did great too...

But needed a little break after the long trail.

We all took a break to see the bay. It was a beautiful day and a great opportunity for Grandpa to tell some old stories. We had found some raccoon foot prints so Grandpa told us about his sisters "pet" raccoon biting the tip of his nose and shaking like mad! It did not sound like fun.

What did sound like fun was heading to the play park. Here are our monkeys! They played on the pull-up bars for a good 30 minutes before we hit one last nature trail.




I love this one!
And yes, there is more to come....

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