Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve had FINALLY arrived!!!

I think Axel had just about given up on Christmas ever really coming. The boys would wake up every morning and race to their chocolate advent calendars. One more day down but a lot to go when you start December 1st. Just about every afternoon, Axel would ask if he could open up another door?  I know he was thinking that Christmas would take half as long to get here if I would only let him eat 2 chocolates a day! I patiently explained that we only open one each day and that we already did that in the morning. He would sigh and walk away a little broken hearted each day.

Both boys were just so excited to finally get to open number 24, the big one, on their calendar. They savored each nibble knowing that Christmas was finally here!

That evening, we attended church with the Howard's and headed over to their house for dinner. Kelly and Mike have three girls, Abby, Ella & Anna and are friends we met years ago while living in Dayton. It sure is nice to cross paths with people from our Air Force past.

Lucas, Ella and Axel enjoying some playtime before dinner.

Fondue! Everyone enjoyed cooking their own food. For those not so certain, chicken nuggets suited just fin.  We also shared our tradition of "poppers" or "crackers" with our friends. Everyone enjoyed pulling their own popper apart to reveal jokes, crowns and toys.

Her Kelly shares her joke while Anna and her Dad discuss if her crown looks good.

Sharing all the treasures from our poppers and a wonderful meal together.

Mike got the chocolate dipping sauce ready for the dessert course. It was delicious with fresh fruit and homemade angelfood cake. A perfect end to a tasty dinner.

Lucas & Ella showing off their piano skills.

Anna & Axel right after their older siblings.

The piano played by itself if given a quarter which the boys LOVED!!!

Christmas Eve....miss you Daddy!

Luckily, the Internet cooperated and we were able to Skype with Daddy and open a few gifts.

Daddy sent a really cool rock craved Chess Set. It's heavy but beautiful!

Daddy was very festive wearing his Santa Hat. :)

Gotta love technology!

The boys kept the tradition strong. Here they are listening to Daddy read "T'was the Night Before Christmas."

Daddy had prepared early and pre-recorded himself reading this special story.

It was a little surreal for Daddy to listen to himself ready to his sons halfway around the world. It was pretty funny to see. Axel noted that there were TWO Daddies! :)

They enjoyed the story but missed having Dad to snuggle with.

We set out some cookies and had to put out the reindeer food in the lawn so Santa could find us. Axel was concerned that Christmas would not come unless it snowed. We reassured him that Santa enjoyed the warm trip to Florida because of all the other cold places he had to visit the same evening. He was okay with that answer. :)

Now the hard part, FALLING ASLEEP!

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