Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day After Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, we usually take a break in the present opening to have a little breakfast. We call it "Fancy Breakfast" and every Christmas morning we make real Belgium waffles. I make the kind that use yeast and whipped egg whites. They take a good hour to prepare and rise but are worth the wait.

This year was a little different because of the dynamics with skyping. We had to speed things up and it was a little harder to break away to make a fancy breakfast. So, we choose to bump our traditional breakfast to the day after Christmas day. You know what, it turned out just has tasty and it was well worth the wait.

We also started a tradition when Lucas was little to make breakfast hats out of pipe cleaners. The boys quickly got to work on their masterpieces!

I love watching them come up with cool ideas.

It's always fun to see what each person come up with. I'm always amazed at how fun and cute they turn out. Such a simple idea that is always so fun.

Our beautiful crowns!

Fancy Breakfast! Waffles, candles, sparkling juice and fresh fruit!
 We even had time to decorate our gingerbread houses which almost slipped through the cracks this year! I'm glad we remembered!

These were cute kits but I think I like the old graham cracker houses which allow for more creativity.
We had a wonderful relaxing week between Christmas and New Years. There was lots of Lego building, bike riding and movie watching. We even found a sweet little bird who had a rough time learning to fly. He stayed with us for a day until he figured his wings out. He was NOT scared of people and not the best flyer in the world. We told him he needed to practice some more and watch out for the neighborhood cats while doing so.
 We even had a fun slumber party with friends. This is when all that camping gear comes in handy! Axel didn't mind using Mom's pink sleeping bag either. :)
Dominic, William, Lucas & Axel watching Elf.

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Mike A said...

The waffles look awesome, and the pineapple! We should eat waffles and make gingerbread houses when I get home!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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