Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy New Years 2013!

We celebrated New Year's Eve biking and mini golfing. We normally ride our bikes at the church but this day, we stepped it up. We found some perfect trails at our local State Park called Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou. We have fallen in love with this park and the boys found out how much fun it is to go biking on dirt...or sand! I was amazed at how fast they learned to navigate through the tough spots. They learned that deep sand can be treacherous and riding around it as much as possible is a technique worth perfecting. I was so proud of them. Daddy is going to be amazed at their biking skills when he returns this Spring.

Axel blazing the trails for the first time!

Both boys had to quickly learn to navigate around deep sandy spots, tree routes and branches. Great practice!

We didn't go without a few tumbles. After a little talk about the meaning of the old phrase "Get Back on the Horse" we proceeded on. Big smiles for sure!
Later in the day, we headed for the Goofy Golf Course! It's a whopping $1.50 for kids and $3 for adults to have a few hours of fun. We had to do both courses. It was a little chilly out for Florida standards so the sweatshirts came in handy! We all had a great time.

As for the rest of  New Years Eve, Mommy didn't feel too stellar so we made it to bed early. We celebrated midnight somewhere in the Atlantic with all the fish and boaters out there. Rest was more important for sure.

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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