Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grandpa Jakulewicz Comes to Florida

My Dad came out to visit for a solid week and we just had the best time. It was so wonderful to see him and share NW Florida with him. We hit all the hot spots and dined on a "little" seafood along the way. I had been talking about getting Grandpa J to come visit for months so when the airline tickets were purchased we were excited. The boys could hardly wait for his arrival. Even our neighbors were anxious for him to come and invited us over for dinner the night he arrived...and the next...and the next...you get the point!

One of the first places we decided to take Grandpa was to Seaside, FL. It's a wonderful, quaint, beach community without all the high rise hotels, chain restaurants and craziness associated with Destin tourism. It's quiet, at least in the Winter, and it's cute!

We drove along the beach to show off the cost and then stopped for lunch. We ate at Red Bar in Grayton Beach which was super tasty and Grandpa got his fill of fresh grouper and gulf shrimp. He was hooked!

He also was thrilled to see the Airstream diners lined up near the downtown park in Seaside. Axel ran around the park like a crazy man while Grandpa carefully inspected each and every trailer. Airstreams make his heart smile. This man is IN.LOVE when it comes to Airstreams and is counting down the days, minutes, seconds until he owns one himself. He's adorable! After a little Frisbee with Axel, we headed to the beach.

Chatting with an employ of one of the Airstream restaurants.

We had to go to the beach!

Axel trying to convince Grandpa that we have to physically go on to the beach. We couldn't just stop right where all that wonderful sand started. I have a feeling Grandpa was teasing someone.

This was the first time I had ever seen seaweed lining the beach right at the water line.

Mixed in with the seaweed were these crazy blue Portuguese Man-of-War Jellyfish. They lined the beach and washed up along with the seaweed. We thought they were water balloons until we got a better look.
That evening, we headed back to H&H's for dinner. Here Grandpa is trying to bribe Ava  (who hates 99% of male adults) with a little cheese and crackers. She's a tough nut/pup to crack but she sure didn't mind his free handouts.

Pretty normal scene with the boys having dinner at H&H's house. We have dinner over there quiet often. Daddy is going to have to get used to our new dinner routine. We like to share with our neighbors and luckily, they like to share too!

Heather experimenting with Lobster Bisque. We love when she experiments!

My salad boy!
 And that was DAY ONE!!

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