Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 1st Celebration

You know what that means?! Time to celebrate one more month down in Daddy's deployment.
It's also Uncle Micah's big day so here's a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
The boys were set on going to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Who doesn't want breakfast for dinner every now and then? The after dinner request was to go to Target. Target you may ask? To carefully inspect and check out potential birthday gifts in the Lego isle. Ok, so this was mostly Axel's request but Lucas had no problem with the idea. Besides, it gave Lucas a perfect opportunity to get some ideas of what he could get Axel for his upcoming birthday.
Two happy boys with full bellies.

These little peg games sure buy some time while waiting.

Cool Star Wars Lego toys from Daddy! Nice work Dad!!! :)
Axel dove right into the instructions. I had to convince him that he might lose pieces if we started building his spaceship in the restaurant. He seemed to agree...kind of!

Goody bags too! It's Mardi Gras season so there was lots of fun party items.

I love these boys!

His very own Mardi Gras mask!

Pretty cool if you ask me.

After Target, we headed home with enough time to skype with Daddy. Axel showed off his loot and then it was time to get to work. He built his Lego spaceship while Daddy chatted and watched.

This boy is intense! Check out Daddy too! He's just as intense and so dedicated. It's hard to tell but he is actually climbing. He's built a simple climbing board which allows him to stay in shape. We help distract him while he climbs so he doesn't get bored. I love that man! I love that he has such passion in this life!!!

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