Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentines Day

It's amazing how quickly time passes and my blog is a great indicator of days ticking by. Normally, we don't try to rush time and focus on enjoying each day to the fullest. Lately, I don't think anyone has too many regrets about hoping the days go by a tad quicker. We are all anxious for March and early April when Daddy is scheduled to return.

With that said, we still try to make the most of each day, each season, each holiday and Valentine's Day was no exception. It was a school morning but one with some extra red, some extra LOVE!

The boys were more than pleased when they came in to eat breakfast.
Although, Axel was NOT impressed that he had to eat before opening his gift.

The chocolate milk in exciting glasses distracted him for a few moments.
We had pink chocolate chip pancakes. Axel starred at his plate and expressed that he did not like the taste of pink. Lucas reassured him that the pink color had no flavor. He bought it!
Mommy loves celebrating!
Wooden race cars!
Our neighbor, Bailey, surprised the boys with the grandest Valentine of all times...

 Dear Lucas and Axel,
You have been dear friends. I love when you come over every day after
 school. My mommy said that I could give one of my best friends. Right then
 ther was a ding in my head like a oven. It reminded me of you!! 
Your best friend, Bailey
It was very sweet and it looks like she spent a lot of time on it. Axel is in love with Bailey and always gives her a huge hug when she gets off the bus.

Lucas and I designed his Valentine's box to look like a big huge book. "Open Up and Take  Look.."

It got rave reviews at school!

We have been limiting some candy/sugar consumption lately so they were both very surprised to find treats from Mommy & Daddy after school. Just the perfect amount not to linger for weeks and weeks.

Lucas even made me a circle puzzle card.  I love it. I also love the three awesome Mexican cookbooks Daddy sent me. I think Daddy is dreaming about tasty food and planning all sorts of meals when he returns! :)

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