Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daddy's Return!!

 After returning from Spring Break, we had 4 days to wait for Daddy to come home. He was scheduled to fly into Fort Walton Beach, FL on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 9:40am. We tried not to get too excited because he had a long way to travel and delays could be a possibility. Secretly, we all quietly hoped that he would be on time and did let our excitement bubble out.

We were able to Skype with Daddy while he was in Kyrgyzstan waiting for his airliner to arrive. He planned ahead and sent each of the boys a special gift and a very sincere letter. It was very sweet and the boys were thrilled.
Opening special letters from Daddy.

Then the gifts, Lucas got his very own mini leather man pocket knife. :)
He was so proud!

Axel scored a Lego watch and clock which helps you learn how to tell time.

He was so proud!

There were a few other things like Tic-Tacs and Chocolate Covered Cherries, Daddy did good!
 It was so fun to see him on Skype again. It had been awhile because of Spring Break and this time was super exciting because he was already out of Afghanistan. He had to wait for 3 days in Kyrgyzstan while everyone else arrived before making the long journey across the pond! We had a few days to get ready. Mommy had a "couple"things on her TO DO LIST to knock off and we had to get to decorating!!
Axel kept himself busy while Mommy did chores.

A cardboard box never disappoints!

So fun! I wish I could try but I have a feeling I would get hurt in that thing!

We blew up a lot of balloons!

We put up a lot of streamers too. My favorite, was our paper chain we built over the past 196 days. Each day Daddy was gone, we added a link to our chain and boy did it get long! It made for the perfect decoration and was full of color.
 Finally, Thursday had arrived but Daddy was delayed!! Luckily, he was only delayed 30 minutes and boy, Mommy was actually happy to have that extra time. I had a few things to get together plus a short drive to school to get Lucas. We made it to the airport in time and were able to get a special pass to go right to his gate. This was pretty awesome and really surprised Daddy. He got some instant family time before he met the welcoming crew.
Daddy joked with the boys saying that they should wear name tags so he could recognize them. They both have grown so much and we loved the idea!

We patiently waited with our handmade "Welcome Home" posters.

The boys could hardly stand it, they were sooo excited!!

This is my all time favorite for this specail day (besides our new family photo). It's just so sweet and makes my heart smile.

Before they knew it, DADDY WAS HOME and in their arms!!! He had made it and they couldn't have been happier!

Grins all around!

My boys, all of them together again!!

We were back!!

After exchanging hugs, kisses and some yummy chocolates from Germany, we headed downstairs. Mike had a crew waiting to welcome him home. Here, Eric Buschelman shakes his hand and gives him a big hug and thanks.

It was the perfect (simple) homecoming and we were all thrilled!

When we got home, Axel ran inside and hid behind the couch. He wanted to jump out and surprise Daddy so that's exactly what he did!

Daddy was surprised and now, he was really, really home!

The boys would not leave his side.
We are so, so thankful for Daddy's safe return. The past 7 months feels like a blur and it's hard to imagine him being gone. Funny how the brain works! :) We are all doing great and are having a wonderful time getting back to our new normal!!

Love, JMLA

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