Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easter with Daddy

 Daddy had missed so many holidays this past year and Easter came just days before he was scheduled to come home. I talked to the boys and we decided that we would postpone Easter and wait to celebrate with Daddy! It was awesome to have him join in on all the fun.

We had two weekends before our big trip to Oregon and we set out for two long weekends in Kentucky to get in some mini-family vacations. We also had to get Daddy on real rock again. He did what he could in Afghanistan on homemade climbing boards but he needed to get back to the real stuff.

Driving to Kentucky from Florida is not easy and takes about 10 hours each way. With a car full of  snacks and movies, we drove north. Once climbing again, Daddy didn't really miss a beat. He jumped right on  and gracefully danced up the rock. It was so fun to see. I know it probably didn't feel that easy to him but he has this way of making things look easy. It's been his way of getting me to try new climbs for the past 13 years! HA! :)

Anyways, we had a wonderful day climbing with old friends and giving Daddy time to get reacquainted with the rock and crowds that inherently come with climbing at the Red River Gorge. Once back at the cabin, it was time to color some Easter eggs. We forgot to bring vinegar so they were very pale colored but beautiful none-the-less. The boys then came up with a great idea which really helped out the Easter Bunny. They filled all the eggs with treats and then proceeded to hide the eggs all over the cabin. It was adorable (and yes, very helpful)! They were a little surprised in the morning to find that the Easter Bunny had re-hide some of their eggs. :)

Axel taking egg dying very serious.

Looks like Lucas is pretty serious himself.

The Easter Bunny did not disappoint.

Axel excited to see what was in his basket.

Lucas diving in too!

Watch out Axel...potential candy thief has an eye on your basket!

Looks like the Easter Bunny left some clues on where to find the grand prize.

Hidden in the shower!

More Legos?! Who is this Easter Bunny??

A Furby!!! Ok, next year I'm having a little chat with the Easter Bunny! :)

Climbing skill put to good use.

Axel checked each and every corner of the cabin.

Eggs found upstairs.

In the kitchen.

Lucas...use that cool green bag to carry all those eggs!

Axel still searching.

Outside?! That Easter Bunny!!

They both paused for a quick photo to make Mom happy.

After the hunt, it was time for Legos with Dad.

Lucas dove right in to his Magic Wand Science Kit.
 We had another wonderful day climbing. The boys got to climb too and did great!
Axel climbing up.

Happy boy!

We were so proud. He likes climbing but LOVES lowering and just giggles with delight.

Lucas was cruising up quickly.

He has improved so much and really has a comfort on the rock that most people wish they had.

He tried hard!

Tested out a "back step" to make his Dad proud.

Blew Dad away with his "heel hook!"

Movies are a must after a long day of climbing.

Daddy starting to realize that he really is back!  He had been dreaming of our cabin for 7 months!!!

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