Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

 Even though Daddy thought we celebrated his birthday in Oregon, we had a little surprise waiting for him at home. While he was at work, we made a cake and planned a special birthday dinner complete with "special drink"...blackberry soda. :) We knew the Twinkie cake didn't cut it for Dad's birthday!!
A few balloons and handmade cards awaited Daddy.

This little boys was SO EXCITED!! He was our "special drink" tester too.

We rallied the troops and enjoyed our Steal head fish dinner!

The cake, sprinkles and all. The boys were a little disappointed that we only had 6 candles and not 36! Sorry boys! Your welcome Daddy! :)

He was very happy to know that cake was in the house. Cake is Daddy's favorite dessert!

May all your wishes come true, we love you!

Handsome boys!

Check out Axel....that's my boys! I love you all!
Ok, now you can cut the cake!!

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