Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Monkey

Axel, Uncle Mark & Lucas waiting for us slow ones. :)
 The Monkey Face is a very prominent feature on the backside of Smith Rock. It can be seen from the road driving in but hides from view when at the trail head. There are a few ways to get there but all involve a good hike...some short and steep while others are long and flat. The boys got to experience a little of both hiking out there two times. They did great!

First hike was with Grandma & Grandpa A.
Grandpa following the boys down the hill. It's such a beautiful place.

Axel was full speed ahead.

Little did he know, the hike to the Monkey would be long and he should be saving his energy.

Mom & Dad enjoying the extra help. Thank you G&G and Uncle Mark!

Daddy and Uncle Mark headed out to climb while the rest of us headed up and over "Misery Ridge" to get to the Monkey Face. NOTE: Lucas is not giving the camera the BIRD, he is holding a piece of chocolate in a peculiar way. HA!

After numerous switch backs and lots of stair counting, we made it to the top. You can see barely see the white snow capped Cascades in the background.

We made it! We found the Monkey Face and Mt. Hood off in the distance.

The boys also found an awesome hollow rock which made for a perfect fort.

We found Daddy and Uncle Mark climbing up the Monkey on "Just Do It" a 5.14c.
 At this point, Mommy took photos and made movies of Uncle Mark. The boys headed down and around by the river to go get some ice cream. They did a great job with Grandma & Grandpa!
Just approaching the last hill.

Taking a little break after that hill so Grandpa could soak in the view.

My little HAMS!!

Check out this Bull Snake!

Grandma said the boys did great hiking out. They hit the ice cream shop and then back to the condo for some R&R.

Second trip:

This was a hard photo because of the sunlight but I wanted to get all three monkeys in the photo.


GOT IT!!!! :) Heehee. I love these 3 monkeys!

This monkey is pretty darn cool too!

The rock fort was still there too!

They loved hiding and jumping out to scare all of us.

Just awesome!! I think we might have to go back sooner than later. The hike is truly stunning and everyone really enjoyed seeing the Monkey and talking about the best monkey of all...a four scoops ice cream cone!!!

Here is the ice cream shop, Juniper Junction. The owner has been serving ice cream here for 47 years!! It's delicious too and the Huckleberry is an Oregon must have!!

3 scoops for Uncle Mark!

Eager boys!

We got the MONKEY...4 scoops and it was awesome!!

Oh, and Mommy was there too!!

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