Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rope De Dope

One day while Uncle Mark and Daddy were climbing, I took the boys down to Rope De Dope. It's a huge climbable boulder that sits across the river from the main area. We could see it every day hiking in and the boys always asked about it. I decided to give them an up close view and they fell in love with it.

The next day, we headed back with Daddy so the boys could climb Rope De Dope...all the way to the top!!

You can barely see Rope De Dope in the lower left hand corner of the photo. It looks tiny until you get up close!

Here's a better shot off that big full moon we got to enjoy.

This is the base of the boulder, a nice green area perfect for tag.

My Axel!

Mr. Cool.

And tree climbing.
There is always a little free entertainment at RopeDeDope. Lots of beginners learn here...brings back lots of memories! :)

Here's the view from Rope De Dope looking at the main climbing area of Smith Rock.

This was Mommy's wall (the big flat one in the center and to the left of the photo). I climbed the right route (Full Heinous Cling 5.12c...right above the guy in the white shirt) and then worked on Darkness a 5.13a to the left, just above the jagged edge you can see lower down. A great view from Rope De Dope!!
This is a cool view of my two routes can see the profile of the wall (the one with no climbers on it to the left). It gets steep up top but is mostly vertical and very technical.

Axel was so excited and decided he would be the first to climb. He got all ready to go and hopped on the rock without missing a beat.

Getting Axel "on belay" before starting.

A little butt push to get him going until we realized we had forgotten his helmet.

Now, he was ready to go and did a wonderful job using his hands and feet.

Happy boy!

See, it's a pretty big boulder!

Almost to the top.

He did it but that was not the top in his mind.
He was quick to tell Daddy that he wanted to go to the top. :)

This was the top!

Daddy was right there all along to help encourage and document Axel's big climb.
Here he is, all ready to lower after getting off the top. Check out those eyes!!
It was then the old pro's turn. :)

Lucas' new shoes really came in handy and he's learned to look at those feet making his Daddy proud again.
There were some tough spots but he kept a positive attitude and did great. He tried really hard and made it all the way to the top...a Chocolate Cake Climb!

Another Happy Boy almost to the top.

There's the top of the climb but....

this was the real top!! :)

Daddy was so proud!

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