Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Party Time in Portland

 After a wonderful climbing trip at Smith, we headed back over the mountains to Portland. We did make a quick and necessary trip to the Sisters Bakery to get a Marion Berry cobbler bar...oh my, it's delicious and there is no photo. It was gone before the camera could be dug out. It did make the drive even more beautiful! The drive to Portland from the Cascade Range is stunning and you get incredible views of Mt. Hood along the way. On top of that, everything was in bloom so it was truly gorgeous.

We had to be in Portland by 1pm for a surprise 40th birthday party planned for Uncle Dan. He shares a birthday with Mommy on the 18th so having it a few weeks early worked out perfectly. Aunt Jen did an awesome job keeping the secret for months and really  pulled off a wonderful surprise party.

We all met downtown at a little bike shop set up for a pub crawl...the Brew Cycle, a 15 man bike powered mobile that would take the boys to three different pubs. Grandma & Grandpa A staged a lunch outing with Uncle Dan and his family which was the big hook to get him downtown on a Saturday. We all hid in the bike shop and surprised that birthday boy!!! It was perfect and he was shocked and extremely happy to find his birthday seat on the Brew Cycle. We sent the boys off and the the rest of us headed to PDX Playdate, an indoor play area for the kids. Moms and Grandma enjoyed coffee while the kids played and played. A few hours later, we met up with the Brew Cycle crew at Laughing Lab Pub for pizza, beer and cake!It was a great celebration! Obviously, I didn't have my camera but I will get some from Aunt Jen and post them here!


One thing that really helped keep the surprise party a secret was the fact that it was Uncle Mark and Daddy's real birthday weekend. Sunday morning, we surprised them with a Twinkie cake! :)

Happy Birthday Mark & Mike!

To celebrate all the birthdays (5) and a big anniversary (1), Grandma A treated us to a breakfast brunch cruise in downtown Portland.
Uncle Mark and Daddy headed to boat.

Brunch boat waiting for us.

Cousin Duncan, Axel, Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan.

The whole crew!

My love!


Lots of boy cousins...Duncan, Axel, Henry & Lucas enjoying their special breakfast!

Checking out the view.

Lucas, Henry, Axel (posing) and Grandma A.

Grandpa A, Daddy and Aunt Jen.

It's a big river!

Beautiful houses...this one has a seaplane.

Duncan and Axel in the Captains Chair.

Henry & Lucas watching the radar screen.

Axel & Daddy looking for bridges.

Henry, Lucas & Uncle Dan looking at the building where Uncle Dan works.

Another group shoot!

Grandma, Axel and Grandpa = a G&G sandwich! :)

Lucas, Henry, Duncan & Axel = Cousin sandwich.

Soaking in the last views.

Fist bump with Uncle Bill.
Anderson boys...Marshall, Bill, Dan, Mike & Mark. What a wonderful celebration!! (reunion)

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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