Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

 I was invited to a Mother's Day Tea at Happyland Preschool. I had a date with Mr. Axel who had spent lots of time preparing for this special occasion.

He made me a beautiful hat full of flowers...

He drew a wonderful picture of me along with a cute questionnaire...

He helped decorate the classroom...

And practiced his presentation with all his friends...

"5 Green Speckled Frogs" of my all time favorites!

 It was delightful!! I loved spending the morning with my baby! You helped make this the best Mommy's Day Ever!!!

Axel's best Mommy. :)
Axel's best friend, Parker.

Yes, there was delicious ice cream sandwich cake decorated with rainbow sprinkles.

I even had the chance to play on the play ground too!

 What a special day! Thank you Axel. I love you.

 On Sunday, I woke up to a little surprise on the coffee table from Lucas...

An awesome questionnaire and beautifully wrapped gift.

This hand painted framed photo was inside. What a treat!! Handmade gifts are my most favorite. 
Thank you Lucas! I love you.

To my surprise, I had a few more gifts waiting for me.

New shirts for climbing!

A tortilla press which we have since tested and I LOVE!!

Kisses and hugs!

I sure love these boys!

Here's another favorite boy! :)

I caught him making omelets!!

Check out this beauty!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!
 Thank you Honey! What more could a Mom ask for?!?
 How about a trip to the local water park?! Big Kahuna's it was!!! We all had a super great day! Thank you for making it so special!!

 I love you all!
Love, Mommy

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