Friday, May 31, 2013

Henderson Beach Field Trip

Last month, all the Bluewater Elementary first grade classes traveled to Henderson Beach State Park. This was a wonderful field trip and a great chance to go learn about the ocean, the beach and for each student to plant their "Sea Oat." A Sea Oat is a wild grass that grows on the coastal sand dunes preventing errosion. They are protected here in Florida and every year students learn about, grow and plant their very own.

It was a cool day which was perfect for us mountain folk! Axel, Daddy and Mommy joined in on all the fun. There were 6 stations in all learning about various webs, sharks, trash, sea turtles, sea oat prep and planting.

We loved learning with the students and Axel loved being a first grader for the day!

Our friend Amanda sitting with Axel with their Sea Oats.

Mr. Cool with his sunglasses and Sea Oat.

Learning how to plant them.



Awesome job everyone!!

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