Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Snow Bunnies!

We made the decision to dust off the old cobwebs and dig the skis out of the attic. Axel about flipped out when he learned that he would be going skiing while in Oregon! He was very concerned that we would no pack his skis, boots and goggles so he jumped right in to help. This was after testing all the gear out in our living room.

On a rest day, we headed to Mt. Bachelor with Grandma & Grandpa A. We arrived at 9pm to discover that they opened at 8am and would be closing early at 1pm. This made for slight panic until we realized just how cold it was on top of the mountain. The wind chill was crazy! Both boys were not impressed with the freezing wind but by the second run and a little hot cocoa in their bellies they were ready for another try. The sun quickly softened the snow and the wind died down. We put Lucas on a leash (help prevent being out of control on the icy sections) and Axel skied between our skis holding on to a ski pole. It worked great!

I do have to admit, it was a lot of work to get everyone dressed and ready. However, it was totally worth it!! The boys did great and we all had a wonderful time. A big thanks to G&G for all their help and support to make this possible.  Sorry about your broken SKI BOOT Grandma! Her 20+ year old boots gave up, time for some new ones! :)

Axel getting the briefing from Daddy.

We decided to practice a little before heading to the ski lift. Here Axel gets a tow up the hill.

The Cascade Mountains make a gorgeous backdrop.

He remembers how to ski! Nice work Lucas.

There's Broken Top, the same mountain Lucas, Uncle Mark and Daddy climbed last summer.

We finally made it to the top of the mountain. Everyone loved the ski lift but despite the pretty blue skies, the windchill was no fun.

Axel put on a cozy mask Grandma found in her pocket!

Check out Lucas...check out everyone! We were done with photos and ready to get going.

Axel with his red mask on...this saved the day! You can see Lucas and Daddy in the back.

Way to go guys, we are so proud of you!!

Axel was such a trooper!!

Lucas did great, didn't miss a beat from his old ski days in Ohio. Here he gets a little tow from Dad.

Snack break and then back to it.

It was so fun and brought back so many memories. It had been years since Daddy and Mommy skied together but we got a full run in while the boys had hot cocoa with Grandma. Grandpa A joined us so we went all the way to the top. It was gorgeous and we even remembered how to teleski!

Getting used to the leash.

Technically, Lucas does not need the leash but some of the icy spots were a little tricky and his stopping skills are still being perfected.
The "Florida" Anderson's skiing as a family!
All good ski days end in a good old fashioned snowball fight, right?! I'm pretty sure this was the highlight for Axel. He could not wait to toss some snowballs. Keep in mind, he's been deprived in the snow department living in Florida!

The fight was on full force with this crowd. Notice the photographer? He was smart to keep his distance! The boys were ruthless but got a few paybacks along the way.

Everyone getting ready!

Check out the point blank shot landed on Lucas by his sweet mother....after receiving about 5 face shots herself!

Check out Grandma, nice shot!

Axel realizes he had been hit. Then retaliated on the wrong grandparent....Grandma is just cracking up!!

Sorry Grandpa but it looks like you had no problem holding your own!

Time and time again!

One last one for the road!

It was a perfect ending to a great day of skiing!

Check this out...
Lucas on 1st Day Skiing Jan 2009 Mad River, OH
Axel on 1st Day skiing April 2013 Mt. Bachelor, OR

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