Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Rolls

 I discovered Rice Wrapped Spring Rolls last Fall while climbing with friends in Kentucky. They are so easy, so delicious and full of fresh veggies! Our favorite protein to add is shrimp but you can use chicken or beef. I've been telling Daddy about them for months and it was finally time for him to try them. This was not without a little hesitation on Daddy's part. I think he had "egg roll" in his mind and was a little nervous about deep fried wraps. To his surprise, there was no deep frying and the rice wraps are so fun and tasty. All the fun sauces really make them come together.

While he was deployed, the meal became a great excuse to have dinner with the neighbors. We fell in love with them (the neighbors too) and perfected our technique over the months. Heather jumped right in to show Daddy how a pro does it!
Mrs. Heather giving a demo.
One minute later, Daddy jumped in.
Daddy jumped right in.

Heather did great!
So did Daddy and guess what? He really enjoyed them!! :)
Daddy became an instant pro!
After dinner, we were once again reminded just how awesome our neighbors are and just how lucky we are to have Daddy home!!

Free Hugh rides.

Hugh was down for the count!! Worn out by one 4 year old!!
Lucas with his lady, Mrs. Heather!

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