Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coloado: Part One - New Babies

 Meet Miss. Daisy!
Isn't she gorgeous?

This is Grandpa J's new baby!
 Grandpa J has been dreaming of airstreams for years and years. He researched, toured and traveledin order to iron out exactly what he wanted. Well you know, what he wanted AND what would work best for Grandma. :) Grandpa has some pretty high standards so the chances of coming across a used Airstream that met his lists of must haves was not high or even possible in our opinion. "Our" being the entire family, all friends and every stranger he had spoken with about his requirements. :)

That all ended when a magical Airstream post popped up on Craigslist....Grandpa knew this ad was just too be good to be true but couldn't help but go check it out. I think it took all of about 30 seconds for Grandpa to realize that he was staring at his dream Airstream...the one that had spent it's life in the comfort of an environmentally controlled storage unit. It was a few years old, used only a handful of times and was in pristine condition. On top of all that, the price was right! In total shock, he agreed to buy it and worked out all the details as he went along. Grandma was half in shock too but very supportive especially after she met Mrs. Daisy. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! Can't wait to hear about all your future Airstream adventures!
Proud Papa!
 After visiting with G&G we got word of another baby. Amelie Karen Anderson was born!! This was Axel and Lucas' new cousin and we got a chance to meet her hours after her birth! CONGRATULATIONS TO AUNT KATE & UNCLE MARK & COUSIN LOGAN.

Amelie just a few hours old.

I'm so glad we were in town on this special day!! We love you Amelie!!

New big brother Logan.

We headed up to Evergreen to help out with our new cousin. We also took time to take a rainy day hike around the lake to get in a little mountain fresh air.

We patiently waited for Amelie to come home. This is how she arrived!!

Aunt Kate with Amelie.

Little sleeper, you forget just how tiny they are that first week.

Lucas helped make Amelie her first cupcakes.

Axel and cousin Logan were instant friends and even slept together in a tiny toddler bed.

They played great together but guess who thought he was in charge the whole time?

This one didn't seem to mind. :)

Amelie catching some sun rays.

Uncle Mark with his new daughter.

Look how tiny her head is...so sweet!!

On maternity leave, Uncle Mark kept himself busy building a tree house for Logan.

We really enjoyed the open space and beautiful weather.

Wagon rides are a must.

This is the hill that is notorious for laughs, giggles and the traditional oops-we-took-the-turn-too-sharp-tumble.

More Amelie.

And her cute little feet.

 After taking care of Amelie's parents and brother for a few days, we snuck to visit dear friends in Manitou Springs. Look who was there to greet us...


Axel and Bekila wasted no time getting reacquainted.

Lucas enjoyed watching a movie and tried his best not to be bothered by the younger ones.
 Here is another BABY I just had to meet!! This is Etta and boy oh boy, she has her brothers eyes and a smile that spells trouble. :) I fell in love, how could you not?!?!?

 Fruit time! Bekila and Axel could be brothers. They are very similar in so many ways and their love for fruit is no exception.






TROUBLE?! Cute trouble if you ask me!

A traditional trip to Garden of the Gods
It had down poured moments before. Little did we know that this would be cause chaos with flooding and road closures.

At this point, we were only enjoying the park not worrying about the slow drive getting out of town.
 We spent a few more days with G&G before Daddy flew to Denver to join us for another two weeks.  We had a great time relaxing and catching up with G&G. Somehow, Grandma snuck out of getting her photo taken...AGAIN!!! 

We hit the Denver Nature & Science Museum

The dinos were a favorite this trip.

Grandma joined us too, thank you for coming!
 Grandpa headed to the hills with us one morning for a little hike. It was hot but we still got out.
Lucas was not too impressed by the heat and learned a valuable lesson on why we get up and out early in the summer time.

Oh Grandpa....

we love you and your silliness!

Everyone checking out the massive water spray coming from the dam.

Tons of force out of this baby!

Snack time.
 I convinced Lucas to hike to the top of the dam with me. We discovered a beautiful reservoir along with some of my favorite wild flowers.

Happy boy in the shade! Thanks Lucas!

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congrats on you new niece! Newborns are so precious!!! Looks like you had an enjoyable trip!

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