Friday, August 23, 2013

Oregon: Part Two - Secret Sights

Another big sight seeing "rest day" was to tour random sights East of Bend out in the middle of nowhere. At times, we wondered what Daddy had up his sleeve? Grandma and Grandpa joined in for the discovery day.
First stop: Hole in the Ground - A huge crater one mile wide.

 Stop 2: Crack in the Ground (yes, these are official names....boring names but way cool sights!) Crack in the Ground was absolutely amazing. After driving forever in the middle of nowhere, we found the parking area and walked about a 1/4 mile to find this enormous crack in the ground. The cool part? You could hike down and into this crack and follow the trail for two miles. It was very similar to a slot canyon and got a little tight in areas. It was stunning and a reminder of the pressure Earth can release. So, so cool!


Stop 3: Fort Rock State Park - Another crater with lots of history. (more details coming on this brain just shut down!

Stop 4: Obsidian Flow - Huge volcanic lava flow predominately pumice and obsidian. It was mind blowing. The obsidian was jet back, hard and very sharp. The pumice was gray, soft and so light...made for great photos! This was Lucas' favorite by far. At the end of the hike you are rewarded with stunning views of East Lake ? I do believe...there's that brain again!!

The next morning we were back to climbing. Daddy was working on a Just Do It on the Monkey Face, a hard 5.14C that is long and intimidating. Here is my view...
Daddy way up high working on a crux section.

Mommy's leg, coffee and view.

There I am, all bundled up enjoying the peace and quiet of climbing at 5am.
 There were a few days we spent enjoying local festivals.
Axel was perplexed on how this tank moved. It was a remote control but the owner was hidden away. So funny to watch!
 The day Grandma had to go home we took her to a festival in Bend and found fun activities for the kids.
Lucas practicing his balance skills.

As if using a hoola-hoop isn't hard enough, Axel wanted to try standing on a block! Silly Goose!

More fun with Grandma A!

We don't do well with good-byes but we did manage to remember to take a photo. THANK YOU GRANDMA!!! We really appreciate all your help. What a fun trip!!!

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