Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Florida Visitors: Part One

As I look back on all the photos from our last few weeks in Florida, I'm reminded just how lucky we were to have Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's help. This was a busy, crazy time with so much going on...promotions, birthdays, moving, touring, eating and saying good-bye to some favorite people and places.  Grandma and Grandpa A made things go much smoother and helped more than ever. THANK YOU!!! We really do appreciate everything you did and hope that we succeeded in finding a balance between our never-ending To Do List and showing you a little Florida Fun!

Walking to the beach with some special people and a Frisbee!

Showing Grandma & Grandpa A the neighborhood beach.

Neighborhood beach days are numbered.

It was great place for Frisbee and Lucas learned how to run and catch one pretty darn well.
We had to take G&G to Fort Pickens:  a pentagonal historic United States military fort on Santa Rosa Island in the Pensacola, Florida, area.
Cool tunnels.

A Penacola favorite! Joe Patti Market is not to be missed if in Pensacola. It will truly be missed by this family!

Our last hurrah! What should we stock up on?

Brothers. Sand. Fun.

So content!

Sand, sand, sand!

Beautiful Grandma A enjoying the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Destin, FL.

Firework fun with Dad.

Wrestling Grandpa A

Storm of the Century! We were up all night giving G&G heart attacks from the lightning, thunder, rain and tornado warnings. It truly was epic and we broke records in rain fall for sure. Besides our house being an island, we were all dry!
We were an island and the promotion ceremony was canceled...or just pushed back 24 hours because the town was basically shut down. I've never seen so much water in the form of rain before...EVER!!

One of the highlights! Delicious cake from Cake Masters Bakery and they did not disappoint!
These two are ready for cake!!

Sorry boys, photos and ceremony...then cake!

Love this bunch!

Way to go Daddy...making Grandma cry and all...
Going away lunch was really fun. Daddy's coworkers had some very kind words and great gift ideas.


Just before the treadwall comes down. Climbing shoes?! Ha! Who needs those??

Lucas showing the world that he doesn't even need climbing shoes to climb this wall.

Grandma A showing her son how it is done!

Grandpa A testing out his climbing skills.

Then it was time to pack her up!

This turned out to be a 4 man/woman operation!! :) Phew! Glad that's over!
More Grandpa attacks!
Enjoying Bippy's by the Beach Frozen Yogurt


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