Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last Few Days In Florida

Well, packing seemed endless and the thought of leaving dear friends was becoming a reality. The house was a disaster, the To Do List was never-ending and the days were moving a little to quickly. With lots of great help and tons of hard work, we were all packed up and ready for Colorado.

I will miss the little critters in Florida like this green tree frog.

And all the turtles!
Grandpa A hanging tough in the middle of a real life Tetris Game! Daddy was dreaming about boxes and measurements for days.

The boys lived in this tent and loved it. However, the room quickly became the catch all and it was a mess!

Still thinking....still this stuff really going to fit???

It should! I mean, look at the size of that truck!!!

We just about got all our household goods inside. Or, let me rephrase that...DADDY got it all to fit inside the truck.

Last minute playdates with good friends.

Murray was a classmate and neighbor.

Last day of school.

The bus stop crew. We will miss the peeps in this neighborhood!

Bus # 04-14

No more buses for this boy, he'll be too close to ride in Colorado.

Thanks for all the safe travels!!

Last day for Axel at Happyland Preschool. He will definitely miss all his friends he made over the past two years.

Best Friends are the best! We made sure to go say good-bye to Skyler, Lucas' BFF. Her and her family are just awesome and we sure hope they come out to Colorado to visit.

We miss you Skyler! Thanks for the awesome gift/travel bag for Lucas.

The neighborhood.

Out of the way for the moving trucks. Moving day had arrived!
Just about done...

Look at that! He did it, the truck is packed and way maxed out!!

We probably won't miss this old house too much we will DEFINITELY MISS OUR VERY SPECIAL AND VERY BEST NEIGHBORS EVER!!!!
Heather, Hugh and Iris, you guys are friends for life! Thank you for all the good eats, wonderful company and all your help. We love and miss you tons!!!
Somehow we squeezed out some smiles for a very sad departure.
My favorite Birkdale Ladies...Ava and Heather! Oh how I love you two!!!
And that was it...we were off for Colorado!

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