Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Boy Lucas Turns 3!

Part Four: Birthday
The build up of Lucas' birthday started in May when Mommy and Daddy celebrated their birthdays. He wanted to go find his birthday and have it right now too! We talked about birthdays and all that go along with them...cake, presents and a day of fun! He decided back in May that he wanted a sprinkler so every trip to Home Depot meant picking out his new favorite birthday gift.

Finally, on August 16th we went to Home Depot and he picked out his favorite one and was so proud walking out of the store with it in hand. We had to rush home to try it out with his new yellow hose!

We opened a few presents and then it was time for cake. We were living on base at this time so it was interesting baking a cake with limited kitchen supplies but we pulled it off. If only we had a table to work with?!

Cake was exciting but not as cool as his new Bug Vacuum which we tested on numerous ants outside.

It's hard to see but there are little bugs that decorated his cake which he helped make the night before. They were a little tastier than the ones outside!

Happy Birthday Lucas!
So yummy!

Later on in the day we headed to the Beaver Ponds to find some birthday beavers. Notice the bug vacuum?

We found some...this little guy was toting a green leaf back to his lodge.

The Anderson's in Dayton with their new 3 year old!
More presents...
Our little waiter and what a big boy!


Susie said...

ooh, ooh, I love my bug vacuum, too!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday (belated!) Lucas! We love you and we miss you, big guy!

Janelle Anderson said...

The bug vacuum is a huge hit but it doesn't have much power. Ants are about the only thing it will suck up which I've decided is a blessing in disguise...I don't want any big scary bugs brought inside to share our home!

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