Sunday, November 16, 2008


Lucas has a new phrase these days and it always starts out with "But I like ______ everyday!" The blank can be filled in with anything he wants to do or is doing at the time no matter what it is. Here are some examples...

Mommy: "Lucas, please don't throw the football by the T.V."
Lucas: "But I like to throw the football everyday!"

Daddy: "Lucas, it's time to go to bed."
Lucas: "But I like night time everyday!"

Mommy: "Lucas, no chewing gum right now, you just had a piece."
Lucas: "But I like chewing gum everyday!"

Daddy: "Lucas, please pick up your Legos before starting your puzzle."
Lucas: "But I like puzzles everyday!"

Tonight, instead of his normal phrase, I heard "I'm soooooo excited everyday!" Here's Lucas showing his excitement which nearly paralyzes him. It makes Mommy & Daddy smile EVERYDAY!

The reason for all the excitement...getting to eat the cookie dough!
And this photo? Enjoying a little hot chocolate after helping Daddy use the drill to hang up shelves.

How could this not make you smile EVERYDAY?!

We love you Lucas...EVERYDAY!

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Maile Fano said...

cute pics of Lucas! How is your pregnancy going? I am almost done...thank goodness. Sounds like you guys are doing well out there.

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