Monday, November 10, 2008

Round Two

All the leaves are falling down...falling down...falling down. Now it's time to rake them up...rake them up...rake them up. We love Autumn! (All to the tune of London Bridges)

Lucas learned this song at preschool and sings it daily.

It was a cold day but we still headed out back to play in the leaves. A few weeks ago we spent about 2 hours raking and bagging over 9 bags of leaves. Today, they are all back thanks to the beautiful grand Oak tree behind our fence.

No bags this time, just one HUGE pile and one HAPPY boy!

1 comment:

den said...

janelle, it's dennis. wanted to send you a christmas card but needed your new address. ps you look great preggers, congrats. that's great news lucas has a playmate. tell mike hello.

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