Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday, I bashed my thumb in the kitchen separating two frozen steaks. I had the butter knife between the two pieces of meat, pushing as hard as I could and WHAM! thumb smashed full force into the frozen meat! Obviously, the wax paper separation hadn't totally worked as planned! I thought my nail had popped off it hurt so bad. As I danced around the kitchen taking big, deep breaths and grabbing my thumb not wanting to look at the damage, Lucas watched in wonderment.

This was our conversation from that point on...

Lucas: "M o m m y, what happened?"
Mommy: "I banged my thumb really hard and it stings a lot."
Lucas: "Mommy, are you okay?"
Mommy: "Yes Lucas, it just stings a whole bunch."
Lucas: "Okay Mommy, do you need anything?"
Mommy: "Yes, I need a little cup of ice water please."
Lucas: "Okay Mommy, I'll get you some water and ice and then you'll need kisses too."

He was so calm and collected and caring. What a baby doll! I think I'll keep him. :)

--Thumb is fine, just a little bruised!


Susie said...

Oh! I see your baby countdown now! Only 81 days left, woo-hoo!

Glad you had such a sweet little helper to console your boo-boo!

Phil and Dana said...

That is such a sweet boy! I hope mine is like him. Hope your thumb is feeling better:)

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