Friday, March 13, 2009

Catching Up

Today, I realized that I'm a little behind in my blog posts. I guess that's part of life with a newborn, time goes by and you really haven't done much. :) Okay, that's not a fair statement because having a newborn is hardly "not doing much!" I'm just not doing much of the things I used to be doing. :)

I digress...

So, today is Catch Up Day! Enjoy the photos and thoughts.

Baking bread has been really fun for me. Sometimes successful and sometimes not...just ask Mike after my Turkish (hard as a rock) flatbread that showed up on the dinner table and then took a quick dive in the dumpster.

Here's a success...
Yummy Challah Bread. I'll have to get the recipe posted but that might not happen today.
We bought some bagels the other day which have quickly turned hard despite putting them in the freezer to preserve. This morning I woke up around 5am with Axel and had an "ah-ha" moment...I could make baby french toast out of those dry bagels! It was a huge hit for Lucas and was so tasty too! I was very impressed with my new creation.

Axel had a smile the other day and this one occurred when he was looking at Daddy. Of course, once the camera was out, the smile was gone. We're still not sure if it was technically a "real" smile but will take what we can get.
Now he's looking at his Mommy...or probably the big camera flash! Either way, it's exciting to know that smiles and looking at all of us is just around the corner.
Here's Daddy and his boys. Puzzle time for Lucas, ceiling fan time for Axel and multi-tasking time for Daddy. Mommy was so proud of her boys.
Our friend Kristina had a birthday last Sunday so we celebrated with a tasty brunch. Here's part of the gang...Janelle, Lucas, Kristina, Mike and Axel.
The other part of the gang, Jill and Amy.
Lucas has figured out that birthdays are fun even if they aren't his. It's cupcake time! We woke up somewhat early to bake these and Lucas was in charge of the frosting and tasting too. Oh, we didn't forget the card either...Lucas-made with stickers and all. He loves cutting out hearts ever since Valentine's Day.
Such a big helper!
Axel celebrating in his own way.
Two weeks ago, Mike gave a slide show at our local climbing gym, Urban Krag. He showed a few movies and lots of photos of his glory days climbing in Zion National Park, Utah. It was a good turn out and the boys cooperated...for the most part. :)

Mr. Serious getting ready...
and his fan club eagerly waiting. Lucas was thrilled to get to use his little green chair and sit with the big kids. He wants nothing to do with the camera most of the time...little stinker!
Here's Axel checking out his favorite window...

and here he is losing interest in the window.
Axel post happy now.
Lucas and Axel getting to know each other. This is so fun to watch!
Look at that belly!
Just content.
I love my family!!!!


Susie said...

Don't you feel so useful??

Amy said...

Great post! I'm super impressed with your bread making. I love challah bread and would love your recipe.

I also love the picture of all 3 of your boys together, especially the ceiling fan time for Axel!

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