Monday, March 9, 2009

One Month Old?!

Oh my, has it really been a whole month with Axel in our home?

Can he really be a month old?

Did I make it a whole month with less than normal sleep?

Has Lucas been a big brother that long?

Did Daddy really miss out on changing all those diapers while attending class? :)

The answer is YES!

Happy "Month Old" Birthday Axel. WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!

I can already tell you will be I'll grown up before I know it. Please slow down just a little. :)

If I really do have a month old baby, that means I also have a 3 1/2 year old "big boy" too!

Lucas, you have been a wonderful big brother to Axel. Thank you for your extra help and patience while we all get adjusted to a new life. WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!


Amy said...

My gosh--seriously!?! Has it really been a month? I think maybe it does go faster with the second one. . .

Phil and Dana said...

The boys look great! So glad I finally got to meet your new man the other night.
Love Lucas checking out Axel's "back end." Smells kind of funny, eh?

Susie said...

They are both so precious, Janelle :) Lucas cracks me up, I tell ya!

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