Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Everyone was happy to get home after the long drive back from Lander, WY. Axel tried out his new crawling skills while Lucas rode his bike.All by himself! :)
Since October has come and past, I'm going to do more of a photo journal rather than separate posts for each exciting event to get us all caught up.

Here it goes...

Axel has discovered food and Puffs are a favorite!
Lucas just happy to be home.
Axel also LOVES pumpkin bread...and pumpkin bread muffin papers too.
The weather has been super nice so we like to go next door to the field and play with our helicopter toys.
Lucas will chase these things for hours and get completely worn out. :)
Lucas' school held it's annual Autumn Harvest Carnival and this year Darth Vader showed up. He was VERY scary!
Fun games and prizes...
and the best part, a Trick-or-treating hallway. Nothing better than a loot of candy two weeks before Halloween.
Oh, and Yoda came too.
Another annual event was a trip to Fulton Farms to go to the pumpkin patch. Lucas got to ride the big boy school bus with all his school friends.
Hay ride to the pumpkin patch.
Look at all these pumpkins. We walked and walked and walked and walked to find the perfect one.
We were excited about the pumpkin until the camera came out.
It was a heavy one for sure...
Back at the farm, all the kiddos hit the corn maze and...
the slide. It was much warmer this year and we had a great time.
We were a little late getting down to my favorite metro park called Sugar Creek so the colors were almost gone but it's still such a cool Halloweeny place to be...spooky but so beautiful. Just like these cute little berries.
Lucas in the forest.
This is my favorite place. Check out these trees and how they grow into a tunnel. I forgot the type of tree they are but I love them.
Back at home...Mr. Puffman empted the entire container on the floor and was very proud of himself.
So much more coming soon...

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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