Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cabin Friends

We headed to Kentucky to meet some friends for another weekend of climbing. It was hot, about 80 degrees both days so the climbing wasn't stellar but the company was. We had a cabin full which is always fun. Heather and Fred came in from West Virginia and two of their friends; Kelly & Jesper, from Oregon, also joined the crew.

The colors have not been that great this year because of the dry conditions but there are still a few areas that are just stunning.

Some fall colors on the way to our cabin. My photos:
Mikes photo:
Daddy & Shaun getting ready to climb at Torrent.
Lucas was instantly infatuated with Kelly. She's young, only 19 years old and boy did Lucas like her.
When Mike takes photos of climbers, he rigs up a rope near the route to get a great point of view.
Mike's perspective:
Fred. (Oops, looks like Mommy got in the photo....sorry Daddy! Thank goodness for photoshop, he can take me right out of there if needed)
Janelle's perspective: Fred sending some 12.c with ease.
Shaun giving the 12.c a good go. This one is a short but in your face route!
Yes, Heather was very popular with the boys...ALL WEEKEND LONG.
Brother love or brother competition? Hmmmm...
Giggles for breakfast. Axel and Lucas were so funny during breakfast just laughing and giggling and acting giddy around Heather.
Mr. Tired Eyes was a little under the weather but in great spirits.
Getting more details about Heather.
They were buds for sure.
Axel was beyond dirty and this photo was taken after I had already washed his face at least two times earlier. He just wanted the camera!
Mike tried to take photos at another crag but the cloudy sky was way too sunny.
We sure love Fall climbing in Kentucky!

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