Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Is Here

Fall came with some new discoveries for Axel. He is in love with cars and trains. It's so fun to see him play and play and play with real toys. Lucas was always happy to play with makers, mixers and so on. I find cute little rows of cars all over the house and in his bed. Yes, he takes two cars to bed every night.
Boonshoft Children Museum just opened up their newly remodeled zoo and it's super cute. I fell in love with the bats and the boys fell in love with this dragon eel. I have to admit, he was pretty cool and really into the boys too!
We've been back to activities and the volcano was a big hit.
One fall Sunday, we headed to Carriage Hill Metropark for some pony rides. Lucas was pretty certain kids were not allowed to ride horses. The only horsed he's really been around are the big work horses at the 18th century farm. Once he saw the size of a pony, he was super excited and had a blast!
After watching Lucas, it was Axel's turn. He really wasn't sure about but since Lucas did it, he was in and had fun too.
We also went to the apple orchard which was awesome. The apples were amazing and so were the animals. (I have apple picking photos somewhere I find later on) Axel was tickled to touch their noses. Luckily, they were very gentle with each other.
We also found pumpkins, a true sign of Fall!
This is what happened to some of our delicious apples.
Happy Fall to Y'All!

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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