Friday, October 15, 2010

Rocktoberfest Reunion

The Red River Gorge Climbing Coalition (RRGCC) holds an annual festival to raise money to help pay for climbing areas purchased a few years back. We started going to ROCKTOBERFEST when we moved out to Dayton three years ago.

Rocktoberfest is one of Lucas' favorite parties of the year and he has definitely made a name for himself hanging out with Timmy O'Neill. Timmy & Lucas became instant friends last year during Rocktoberfest and have kept in touch all year through letters and artwork.

Last year, Timmy was the host for the whole event and swooped up Lucas for about 5 hours. Lucas and Timmy were inseparable announcing fun activities, raffles, the dyno comp and all the other exciting things happening in the action packed weekend. Lucas was up on stage and even scored a few minutes to sing Twinkle Twinkle in front of a few hundred people.

Lucas & Timmy at the Keen Tent; a little shout out to Marc at Keen - YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks for everything and the awesome Keen shoes!
This year, Lucas was beyond excited to reunite with Timmy. He anxiously awaited Rocktoberfest weekend so he could co-host with Timmy.

Timmy did not disappoint.

We arrived early Friday so Lucas could maximize his Timmy Time. Timmy is the only adult that has the same amount of energy as Lucas. It's non-stop fun and excitement for Lucas.
They had a lot of catching up to do...
Star Wars was a hot topic along with whatever else was on Lucas' mind.
Timmy O'Neill + Lucas Danger = Off the Charts ENERGY! Click here to see for yourself!

Friday night was Lucas' highlight. He co-hosted with Timmy and ran around with his favorite peeps. Lucas got plenty of mic time too. He was on cloud nine!

Here he is with another one of his buddies, Bentley! They are true buds for sure along with Bentley's wife, Jessica. There are some awesome peeps down in Knoxville, TN!
Axel was a little more mellow when it came to Rocktoberfest. He was just trying to figure our everything the first night.
However, the second night, he was all about the bouncy jousting area. I'm pretty sure he played in there for close to one hour.
Axel's favorite was climbing on the little platforms and face planting on the mat...over and over and over. Needless-to-say, he fell asleep early in the stroller but until that point, he was one happy boy!
Don't worry, Lucas made sure he took plenty of co-hosting breaks to get in some bouncy fun.Lucas' secret love, Karissa. He doesn't seem to care that she got married this past summer and luckily her hubby, Jason, is super rad, understanding and shares a little!
While climbing on Saturday morning, we explained to Lucas what Rocktoberfest was all about. He said he wanted to raise some money to help keep the climbing open for climbers. Our friend, Shaun had a great suggestion for Lucas to sell stickers for a dollar. Each person that put a sticker on him paid one dollar to his cause. Lucas was in and by the end of the night he was a walking advertisement.

Here he is showing off his stickers to Jonathan Siegrist and collecting a little dinero along the way.Overall, Lucas raised $20 for the RRGCC! Way to go Lucas!
After the main events wrapped up, things get pretty mellow on Sunday. We slept in (as long as Axel would allow), did a little afternoon climbing and ended the weekend attending the big "Thank You" dinner held at Dr. Bobs house. It was an amazing Italian spread topped off with some of Lexington's very own Martine's Pastries delicious cupcakes! Another cake lady was also in the house was, Margarita Martinez, who does beautiful work as well. Check them out and you'll see why people rave about their work!
Hey, whose this guy? Yes, Daddy was a busy guy this Rocktoberfest. He worked Friday night parking cars, Saturday winning the doubles climbing comp (and taking second place for individuals) and Sunday helping with the clinics. Needless-to-say, he was as tired as Axel after all the fun. Nice work Daddy, thanks for volunteering so much and representing the family!
Last year at Dr.Bobs house, Lucas would not leave Timmy's side. This year, he discovered THE WOMEN! Every time I saw the boy, he was with another pretty girl. I only caught one lady with the camera and her name is Kat. Lucas was sure to get some Timmy time in too but he wasn't going to ignore the ladies by any means.
Oh look, Mommy was there too! I was busy keeping track of the boys, taking a few photos and supporting the dyno comp.
What a great weekend! Thank you Timmy for hanging with Lucas. Thanks to everyone else who made this weekend so awesome for, not only Lucas, but everyone who attended!

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