Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glance Into the Future

Photos. They are truly amazing how they can capture time. I look back at our baby photos and it's so hard to imagine Lucas & Axel so tiny and small. Luckily, the photos trigger memories and keep the images clear where my brain gets fuzzy. I love that photos help us remember.

Every once in awhile, a photo captures the future. I little glimmer of what time can do.

We recently returned home from a wonderful trip to Disney World with my parents. I was going through all the photos, trying to decide which ones would be perfect for the blog. Then, I came across this one...
I just stopped and starred. Who was this young man?
There's no sign of toddler or even little boy in this photo. It was a fast forward into time, years down the road when Lucas will be teetering on his teenage years. It tricked my brain for sure. It made me realize just how true it is when other moms stop me on the street, in restaurants and at the grocery store to tell me to enjoy my boys. They tell me that time will fly by and before I know it, my sons will be will be 15 years...21 years...30 years old and so on. They are right.

It's a wonderful reminder to enjoy each day and not rush our lives away. Luckily for me, a slight turn of the head and the mouth full of fish crackers brought me right back to 5 year old land!
Phew! I'm not ready for teenagers just yet! :)

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Maile Fano said...

This is so true. I have printed the blog for 2 years and look back at pictures and just in a year the amount that the kids change is unbelievable. So, thanks for the reminder once again. And, Lucas doesn't even look 5 in that picture.

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