Saturday, January 1, 2011

A White Christmas - 2010

Christmas Cardinal.We woke up to a white Christmas which was beautiful. It snowed only about an inch but covered the old snow nicely making it a perfect day to spend inside enjoying Christmas Day!

He came, Santa came!
A better view of the loot.
Lucas woke up before anyone and headed down stars to take a peek. He didn't touch a thing. I heard him on the stairs and invited him in for some Christmas cuddles. I had no idea he had gone down stairs until he told me he needed to whisper something into my ear. He said, "I know what Axel got for Christmas...Santa was here." So sweet!

We cuddled awhile and then headed down together.

Axel just starred in complete amazement. He would not look at anything else but the train.Lucas' Christmas wish. A few weeks ago, Lucas asked Daddy if wishes really can come true. Daddy said, "Some Christmas wishes do come true. What is your wish?" Lucas replied, "I wish Santa would bring me a new Indiana Jones Wii game. I'm not sure if there's one invented yet but I think he could make me one if there's not."

His wish came true!

He also got a Leapster Explorer.
Axel didn't care about his stocking or any of the other wrapped gifts. He was content with his new train.
Daddy trying to get Axel to open up his stocking.
He finally agreed and quickly realized there was good reason to check out his stocking.
Lucas was checking out Axel's new Write & Scribble.
Uncle Brian with his new beanie and one egg pan!
Breakfast time!
Mickey Mouse pancakes, sausage and choo-choos!
Back to unwrapping gifts!
Mommy got new climbing shoes.
Axel was telling me all about his train.
An awesome Star Wars book.
Uncle Brian with his new headphones.
Cyclometer and a handmade scarf!
Another train!!
A Star Wars Lego set.
Daddy's new bike pants.
Bath tub train!
You wouldn't know it from most of the photos but Axel did receive some non-train gifts for a little balance. :) He loves his Grinch!
Notice Axel's location...he would not leave that train track!
Daddy and his new bike tool kit.
Mommy and her new bike shorts.
The best turkey ever dinner!
Soaking up Uncle Brian...aka...tiring Uncle Brian out! :)
Nice smile Lucas. heeheehee
Axel was having a ball!
Jumping time!
I asked Lucas if he got everything he wished for. He quietly said, "No. I didn't get hugs and kisses from you yet!" I had to ask if Daddy told him to tell me that and nope, there was no set up.

My heart melted!

What a wonderful Christmas! I am truly blessed! Thank you God for all that you have given us!
Merry Christmas!


MrsKBJ said...

Hi Janelle! Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas!

Madison would LOVE that jumper.
Happy New Year!

Maile Fano said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas Day! Love your pose with the bike shorts!

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