Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Tile Project!

Even though it's in our blood, we are not home-project-people. We would much rather spend our time outside climbing, riding or hiking. However, Ohio's long, gray, cold, winters lend to free time. Mix that in with a broken DVR and you have the perfect home-project-starting-storm!

Mike and I have been talking about redoing our floors, before our big move to Florida this summer, for months...years? Well, we ran our of years so now we are down to months. We decided last week that January would be the month to replace the floors. We are not willing to sacrifice good climbing months for in-home projects so we dived in one week ago.

Here's our journey to redo our entrance, downstairs bathroom and kitchen. We still have to put in the grout, paint and hang up the base boards and few other things but are getting done.


Our goal is to be finished by February...which day in February? That is unknown but if I know my husband, he's got February 1st stuck in his brain. :)

The old linoleum.

Tearing up the old stuff.
Tearing up the old stuff.
Then tearing out the plywood under the old stuff and pulling out one million staples! Thank goodness Shaun came over to help. Chocolate chip cookies can get that guy to do anything! :) THANK YOU SHAUN!!!
Put in the new floor...backer board. They call it Wonderboard. We weren't sure why until we got started. The whole time you are wondering...WHY DID WE THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! WHY DIDN'T WE HIRE SOMEONE TO DO THIS?! Yes, WONDERboard makes you WONDER!
Putting down the new tiles.
I bet you were wondering about the two kids? Our friend Katie helped out by taking the boys a few times and the rest of the time they "helped" us. There were lots of movies, games, snow time and playtime which equated to one big messy house. :) They've been troopers for sure and I'm pretty sure we will not win the parents of the week award!

Check out the mess! Axel loves pistachios just like his Grandpa J but hopefully Grandpa isn't as messy for Grandma's sake.
Lucas had Wii night last night. Axel has train night EVERY night.
Daddy putting in the last tile! Yahoo!
Here's a little peek. We had to do half the floor one night and the other half the next because you have to wait 24 hours before walking on them. The kids think the whole thing is crazy...we think they might be right. :)
All I can say, I'm thrilled to be to this point and I'm even more thrilled that Daddy is so awesome at math! All the tiles fit together like a big puzzle!
More photos to come as we finish up.


MrsKBJ said...

It looks great!! Not a fun project, but when it is done it is worth it!! :O)

Carolyn said...

looks great!! We might have to check it out when you are done. I would love to do some tile at our place.

you are moving?!?!?!?! booooooooo

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