Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Big Birthday

Axel had a great birthday celebration. Balloons, pizza, cake, ice cream, presents and TRAINS. What could be better?! :) He loves pizza and his very own special drink...cream soda. Mommy found some tasty kind but it was a huge bottle so we all shared. :)
Lucas enjoyinghis root beer.We did a few presents after dinner to let Mommy & Daddy eat a little too.
More trains...oh, do you like the fridge in our dining room? Gotta love that lingering tile project. The tile is done but the trim is not. urgh!

And check out Lucas shirt! Miss a button? Or two? Or three? Too cute!
The "let's just open a few presents" thing was not acceptable to this two year old. He wanted to blaze through them all. I don't blame him!
Lucas liked that plan too.
So much for Daddy finishing dinner. :)
It was finally time for cake. He had been waiting all day to get his fingers into this train!
My boys...
Lucas had no problem helping while Axel did a few taste tests.
It took a few tries to get the candles blown out but he quickly figured out the whole process and was very excited.
G&G A, Uncle Mark, Aunt Kate and Cousin Logan joined in through Skype. What fun to have them join us. We need to get G&G J hooked up on Skype too. :)
One more present before finishing up our evening watching the movie WALL-E.
We had two tired boys and two tired parents by the end of the day. A true success!
Happy Birthday Big Boy Axel! We love you so much.
Love, Mommy, Daddy & Big Brother Lucas

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