Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Taste of Spring

I know, it was just a taste but boy was it sweet! We headed to Chattanooga, TN last weekend to bask in the 50 degree sunny weather. We took the boys to Little Rock City to go bouldering and we had a blast. The rock is beautiful, the sun was needed and the fresh air rejuvenated our gray winterized souls.

Our friend, Paul, joined us on our trip. He was instantly mobbed by the boys and they did not let up once. He's one cool guy and I'm sure he was ready for a break on Monday morning. :)
More Paul time.
Lucas and his buddy Paul.
Our little Indiana Jones was looking for the medallion.
I love how this rock looks like a castle.
Axel had to do some climbing too and was making sure I was taking pictures.
Big stuff!
Paul working on a V7 called Cinderella which he sent.
Sunshine does wonders! Check out this happy boy.
A little Leapster time too.
Daddy sending a V9...that means hard in my book! :)
Mommy sending a V4 called Super Mario
Some other V5...check out the rock. It is so featured and beautiful and creates wonderful tunnels and secret passage way for the boys to explore.
Oh sunshine, how we have missed you!

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