Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Storm Motivation

Like most of the country, we were hit by the big storm. We mostly got ICE! It rained and poured and instantly froze on everything outside. There were tons of broken branches and ice skating rink driveways. After that we got a few inches of snow but nothing like Chicago.

Since our cars were frozen solid, we decided to get our floor grouted. I do have to admit that it was the perfect weather for grouting ~250 sq ft of tile. What a chore!

After three days of being inside trying to occupy the family and finish our floor, the sun finally came out. The only problem, the sun does not hit our driveway this time of year. We eventually got the cars backed down a little so they could sun themselves...a glorious moment. And yes, we still have our '97 Jetta with 300k+ miles and our '99 Subi with ~300k miles!
The ice was anywhere from .25'' to .5'' thick! Fun, fun!We were happy for the storm and the motivation it gave us to "finish" our floor! Here's what the almost finished floor looks like. We still need to seal it and put up the trim and then we are DONE! Yahoo!


Maile Fano said...

The ice does not look like any fun! But, I am glad you got your grout done.

Amy said...

Holy smokes! That is crazy!

Good to see the old Subi and Jetta! We traded the Jetta in for the minivan, but our 99 Subi is still hanging in there!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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