Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Days Out West

We headed to Colorado for 10 days to break up our spring a little. It was a great opportunity to see family and get in some climbing. We were busy so we apologize to all our friends we were unable to connect with. I think we will be going back this summer for a family/friend visit and there will be no climbing conflicts to work around.

Axel loved looking out the window and Lucas enjoyed his Leapster and the Disney channel.
One of our priorities, was to meet a new family member. Uncle Mark and Aunt Kate had a baby in January and we were so excited to meet Cousin Logan. He's going to be an NFL Linebacker for sure, he's a tank and an adorable one at that. Grandma J snatched him up in a hurry and was quickly reminded of her own grandsons.
Logan and Kate hanging out together.
We had lots of fun with Grandpa J and the wheel barrel. It didn't take long for Axel to realize that he was missing all the fun.
A quick fix and they were off. I think we wore out Grandpa a little?!
Lucas loves to help out so Grandpa put him to work in a hurry.
The neighbors loaned us a train track and a magnetic marble roller which were both hits. THANK YOU!!
We even got to Lander, WY to do a little "high altitude" climbing. We actually adjusted way better than expected. It was wonderful to be back by the mountains. Here's the Killer Cave in Sinks Canyon just outside town.
I was able to go do a few climbs that have been on me list a few years. They felt much easy now that I'm used to steep, pumpy climbing. Axel was my photographer at times!
Daddy and Mark worked on more 5.14's and Daddy was so, so close to getting another.
The weather was funny. It rained, snowed and was sunny about six different times in one day. One extreme to the next so it was interesting keeping everyone warm and cool throughout the day.
Snack time!
Back at G&G's house we enjoyed Grandpa J's delicious cooking and time together. Lucas requested artichokes still claiming they are his favorite food. Axel loves any veggies so he was in.
Uncle Micah's girlfriend, Dani, was there for an evening too. Lucas was in love!
Axel was a little jealous of cousin Logan especially when Mommy was holding him. Logan was not happy about the whole situation either.
One day we were able to get out to the Flatirons outside Boulder to do some hiking and climbing. (Daddy, Axel, Mommy, Aunt Kate, Cousin Logan, Julie and Rob)
Mommy & Axel hanging out with the crew.
Lucas, Aunt Kate and Mr. Smiley Guy Logan.
Lucas got his climb on and M&M motivation guided the way! He did three climbs and loved it. Daddy was proud for sure!
Daddy got his turn with Logan too. :)Some other high lights:
- Our Lander friends, Steve & Ellen, had a baby girl named Anabel while we were there.
- We discovered Cafe Rio is now in Denver and not just in Utah. If you ever come across a Cafe Rio the sweet pork tacos are A MUST!!! They are amazing!!!
- Lucas fell in love with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We made two trips and still didn't see everything.
- Discovered two wonderful coffee shops:
1. Cafe Luna in Longmont, CO
2.Todds in Gunbarrel, CO.
- I'm sure other things will come to mind but my brain is not working right now. :)
- Fun afternoon on Pearl Street

We had a wonderful trip. THANK YOU GRANDMA & GRANDPA J!!!! We love you all.

NOTE: We had some low camera motivation on this trip and at one point we had my Dad's camera so there are some missing photos. Sorry Uncle Micah!

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