Friday, April 22, 2011

A Few More...

Here are a few more photos from our recent trip to Colorado/Wyoming.

Grandma bought Lucas a really cool kit about electricity. Lucas was so excited to get started but he insisted that Grandpa had to be there because he's the electricity expert! Grandpa was so patient and so was Lucas. They read all the instructions and followed each experiment perfectly. It was adorable to watch. :) Thank you Grandpa and Grandma too!
Using lemons to turn on a tiny little light. It's a really cool kit!
Grandma checking things out too.
Daddy came over to check out progress knowing that his turn would be coming soon at home in Dayton.
Axel kept busy with dessert. This boy can take some BIG bites, doesn't matter how much is on the utensil either.
Back in Lander, our sweet hotel room with a "touch" of Wyoming decor!
Big stuff. Little did I know that taking off clothes would quickly turn into taking off our diaper ALL THE TIME at home. I think it's time for potty training.
Here's an example of the snow that moved in and out of the area during the day. Sunny and then this...
Waiting for the sun.
This is pretty common for Lucas, he's updating his superhero power book. We are getting close to having 100 powers. Watch out world!
I'm sure we will dig up more photos. :)

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